Over the last 29 years, Matt Irwin’s iconic photographic images, particularly of Melbourne, have gathered a dedicated following.

Wherever he goes in the world, Matt uses the language of photography to convey the essence of place which mere words cannot. His images evoke a strong connection for the viewer as they are authentic in their interpretation. Now the City Of Melbourne has recognised Matt's individual passion and lifelong contribution to Melbourne with a Melbourne Award. (pictured right)


Attention to detail

Matt’s images are ground level, portraying our favourite places as we know and love them -

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Vancouver
  • New York
  • Paris
  • San Francisco
  • Mongolia
  • Beijing
  • London
  • New Zealand
  • Japan


Matt has always been conscious of doing as much of the creation himself,
printing his own work as he does today in his 'digital darkroom'.

With the growing popularity of his work, Matt continues to perfect these
creations just as he always has, producing canvases and sumptuous
cotton rag prints in his 1920s terrace in Gardenvale (next to Elwood).



The gallery & MI Studio

Opening his first CBD gallery and studio in Scott Alley (just off Flinders Lane) in August 2008 was a realisation of a dream to be part of the fabric of Melbourne’s vibrant and creative lane-way precinct.

And in May 2014 we entered the 3rd phase of CBD Melbourne life, having moved into the historic and iconic Block Arcade precinct into the perfect gallery space. Level 2 / 28 Block Place. 

An epicentre of inspiration for many of Matt’s images over the years. It is in this gallery that visitors can appreciate his authentic interpretation of Melbourne and beyond.

Eight years ago, Matt introduced his limited edition prints which are all printed on cotton rag paper, embossed with his own special insignia.

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